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September 2 2022

Paralegal Spotlight: Roman Tokaryk

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James Lloyd

James Lloyd

Roman Tokaryk, a talented paralegal working through Flex Legal, looks at the camera slightly side on. He wears a tweed blazer and tie, and his hair is immaculately styled. Behind him, the Flex Legal colours are visible in various shapes.

We’re casting our coveted Paralegal Spotlight on the incomparable Roman Tokaryk!

Roman is a truly phenomenal paralegal from Ukraine. He graduated from the Magister Juris programme at the University of Oxford in July 2021, with solid grades in impressive modules such as Comparative Corporate Governance, Competition Law, and International Dispute Settlement. Not only that - he also previously worked as a full time trainee at the Council of Europe's Committee of Legal Affairs and Human Rights.

Roman is clearly talented, and we were delighted to accept him onto the Flex platform in December 2021. Since then, he has been working through Flex on a long-term placement with Williams Advanced Engineering from early this year, whilst he waits for his Training Contract with BCLP to start. He has consistently showcased his abilities as a resilient and adaptable legal professional.

We're proud to have him on our platform and couldn't recommend him enough!

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