The future of legal work is flexible and human. The Flex Legal platform is designed to lead the profession into the next industrial revolution

James, Co-founder and CTO

Why Flex Legal

Hire paralegals and lawyers by the hour

Flex Legal is a market-leading online platform that connects you to on-demand paralegals and lawyers.
Our platform is home to more than 5,000 paralegals and 300 lawyers. All of our available legal professionals have been pre-screened to ensure the highest professional quality, and are available at highly competitive rates. Our paralegals and lawyers can be hired short-term to cover urgent tasks, or long-term to work on larger projects. Our platform is notoriously easy to use - just tell us what you need and when you need it, and we'll do the rest.
20 of the UK's top 40 law firms are already using Flex Legal. Why aren't you?
  • Legal professionals available at 24 hours notice
  • Nationwide legal coverage
  • Highly competitive rates
  • If you aren't happy - we won't charge you
  • Flex Legal looks after everything: holidays, pensions, payments
  • Remote working options available

How we compare

Flex Legal Traditional recruitment agencyAlternative legal service providers
Thousands of pre-approved eligible candidates
Comprehensive online profiles with videos
Industry-beating client dashboard
Tech-driven skill matching
Fully automated timesheets and invoicing
Complete flexibility - you're in control
Money back guarantee
What we do

How Flex Legal can help you

Our award-winning resourcing platform connects you to pre-approved legal professionals eager to work on a flexible basis. All of our lawyers and paralegals are top quality - and we will only match you to people we think are perfectly suitable for the role. We’re so confident about this that if it doesn’t work out, we won’t charge you.
Flex Legal can offer you pre-approved, competitively-priced, locally-sourced paralegals and lawyers at the click of a button. We strive to be as positive, human, and responsive as we possibly can. We love being challenged with new requests, so get in touch!
why flex

Diverse skills and experiences

Flex Legal was born from an intimate familiarity with the legal industry. It’s an industry we love, and want to see improve. We need to recognise that barriers are often placed in front of already marginalised groups. We want to see that change, do what we can to lower those barriers, and promote more inclusivity within the legal world.
As a company opening the door to the next generation of legal professionals, we’re committed to offering a diverse blend of talented people the opportunities they rightly deserve. This is a huge part of our success and we’re proud to share these statistics about our candidate pool:
  • 60% female
  • 40% BAME
  • 31% studied abroad
  • 150+ languages spoken
  • 125 foreign qualified lawyers
How it works

Powered by technology

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