I loved being a lawyer and I love the legal industry. I want to see our industry become more inclusive and more agile so we can make smarter life/work choices

Mary, CEO and Co-Founder


About Flex Legal

Flex Legal is a platform to connect you to interim lawyers and paralegals for a flexible, on demand service. Established in 2016, Flex Legal is the UK's fastest growing legal services provider. We are positive, human and responsive.
How it began

Mary's story

"I remember walking around the city while I was doing the GDL and the LPC, desperate for work. Eventually, I managed to find work experience as a secretary for a shipping arbitrator, but it wasn’t easy to get there. Fast forward a few years and I was a qualified solicitor working in litigation. I was staring in the face of an imminent court deadline with forty huge bundles to make. I remember sitting at my desk and looking out of the window, and seeing a group of Kaplan law students exactly where I had been a few years ago.
I knew from experience that those students would have jumped at the chance to get legal work experience, and I knew associates like myself were desperate for their help. Suddenly, the idea for Flex Legal was born.
Shortly after I met James, an experienced software developer, and we began working together on a tech platform that could connect law students to firms and in-house teams as efficiently as possible. We analysed what was taking too long in traditional recruitment, and how we could use tech to make it easier.
Fast forward several years and Flex Legal is an award-winning platform with a huge roster of clients including magic circle law firms and many large in-house legal teams. We have over 5,000 paralegals on our platform and have since expanded to offer lawyers on a flexible basis. We have very ambitious plans to help improve retention in the profession and ensure people can work as they want, when they want.”
flex legal story

The journey so far

A huge THANK YOU to our team, clients, paralegals and lawyers who all make the dream possible. We have achieved so much by working together! Some of our brilliant numbers:
  • 5,000+ paralegals
  • 250+ lawyers
  • 300+ law graduates helped to obtain training contracts
  • 350+ clients
  • 3,000+ paralegals and lawyers found work to date
  • Over 15,000 timesheets
  • Helped multiple law firms and in-house teams to increase their diversity
In the press
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Our future vision

Our work to date has been focused on both helping legal professionals find flexible roles and helping legal teams easily scale up during peaks of work. Here at Flex Legal, we live and breathe the legal industry, so we understand how important this work is. It will always remain our core and primary focus.
However, we want to do more. As legal professionals, we understand first-hand the unique pressures placed on those in our often archaic industry. This is reflected in terrifying statistics, such as junior lawyers being worked so hard that 83% are having mental health problems. Horror stories about poor diversity and inclusion are all too common. Lawyers are leaving the profession they’ve spent years training for in droves. Something is clearly wrong, and it’s something we want to fix.
We believe the new qualification changes (the SQE) offer a huge opportunity to help break down the barrier of access to the profession and will allow people to qualify via the in house route and improve diversity. We are building a digital Qualifying Work Experience diary to allow paralegals to record their work experience against the SRA competencies and this will be ready to launch in January 2021! Please do get in touch to find out more!
We passionately believe that the solution to the above problem = skills + flexibility. We imagine a world where you are empowered to choose:
  • When you work
  • Where you work 
  • How you work 
  • Who you work for 
  • What you work on
We know that smarter life/work decisions will help transform our industry for people, for their clients, and for businesses alike. Our mission is to redesign the way we work so that we are empowered to make these smarter life/work choices, and bring the legal sector we’re so passionate about into the 21st century.
Who we are

Our values mean a lot to us


We believe that positivity is key and nothing is impossible. We will always try to go above and beyond.


We care about you, your story, ambitions and how you're doing today.


We will always try to reply to you within an hour and try to be helpful.