Connecting paralegals with law firms and in house counsel for a more cost effective and flexible workforce

How it Works

We use technology to match paralegals to your requirements quickly and easily.
  • Booking Requirements

    You inform us of your requirements on our booking form. Need someone instantly or within the next couple of days? Want someone who is fluent in German?

  • Candidate Search and Shortlists

    Our system selects the best matched paralegals, sends them a notification checking interest and availability and we provide you with a selection of candidate profiles to choose from.

  • Booking Complete

    Having chosen your paralegals, our system informs them of the booking, giving any additional details and they will be with you and raring to go on day one.

Our Paralegals

We only want to send you the best paralegals. To do this we have stringent processes in place.
  • Identity Checks

    We carry out comprehensive checks on our paralegals including identity checks
  • Qualified or Experienced

    We provide paralegals with training contracts and/or substantial experience.
  • The best Law Schools

    We work with the best UK Universities to source a diverse paralegal resource
  • Confidentiality

    We provide confidentiality agreements for all of our paralegals
  • Multiple Languages

    We provide bilingual paralegals speaking 30+ languages & international qualified lawyers
  • Reviews

    We provide experienced paralegals who we have vetted and who you can request remains a `favourite`

F-LEX has been a great source of excellent paralegal assistance over the past few months. We would highly recommend using F-LEX for flexible and cost-effective assistance at short notice.

Alice Bainton, Alaraby Television Network, IMG Studios
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Projects we've worked on

Our paralegals have worked on major discovery processes through to small on-going projects.
  • Disclosure & E-Discovery

    Our paralegals have assisted numerous firms with their litigation cases and disclosure exercise
  • AI Training

    Our paralegals have assisted with tech companies in training machines to review commercial leases and pull out the relevant definitions and heads of terms.
  • Contract Management

    Our paralegals have proof read contracts, re organised data rooms and generally made firm's contract management systems more efficient
  • Copying, Review and Bundling

    Our paralegals have helped prepare for completion of commercial and property deals, drafted letters and assisted with preparing for trial in several litigation cases by preparing the trial bundles.
  • Administration

    Our paralegals have assisted with general land registry applications, compliance issues and day to day help to fee earners.
  • Projects

    Our paralegals have worked on a variety of longer term projects within Law Firms and GC departments.

We’re hugely delighted with the paralegal service. It’s working out superbly well. We’re really enjoying working with them too. Hugely appreciate you clearly having selected bright paralegals with a hunger for the law – they’re doing some really interesting work.

Alex McPherson, Founder, Ignition Law
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In the Press

About Us

Mary Bonsor

Mary Bonsor

Mary was a property litigation solicitor for a London based law firm before starting F-LEX with James. She uses her experience as a lawyer to ensure that all of F-LEX's paralegals are top quality and the right fit for the firms they are placed in.
James Moore

James Moore

James played a pivotal part in the senior management team that grew Redgate from a small startup into a multi-national market leading software business. As a board member he had P&L responsibility for a division with turnover in excess of $30MM.
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I came up with the idea of F-LEX whilst I was a law student studying my LPC. Despite having spare time as a student, without direct contacts in the legal sector it was difficult to obtain work experience and I found this frustrating. Before I started my training contract, I went to Buenos Aires and worked for a firm for 2 months as a paralegal, which was filmed for CNN. This made me see the potential demand for flexible paralegal work especially in the current market where there is a drive to save costs and maintain efficiency. F-lex solves both the problem for the students and the law firm.

Mary Bonsor, Co-founder, F-LEX Legal

Advisory Panel

Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Principal, Jomati Consultants
Serena Wallace-Turner

Serena Wallace-Turner

COO, Radiant Law
Ian Dowson

Ian Dowson

Principal, William Garrity Associates Ltd
Damon Parker

Damon Parker

Founding Partner, Harcus Sinclair
Law Center Network
We believe that some of the best paralegals and future lawyers are currently slipping through the net. We work with legal charities to provide pro-bono paralegal support. This encourages students to gain practical experience while studying.
Practical Law
Watch the co-founder of F-LEX being interviewed on the future of the legal profession for Practical law, by Thomson Reuters. F-LEX are committed to improving the quality of students leaving University by helping students gain practical work experience.
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