I am in awe of all our Flex Trainees - they are such a smart, inspiring group of people and I feel like a mother hen letting go of her chicks

Mary Bonsor, CEO and Co-Founder

Brand new

Flex Trainee - Solicitor Apprenticeship Scheme

Flex Trainee is our brand new solicitor apprenticeship scheme. We're taking deserving candidates from social mobility backgrounds, and guiding them through their SQE qualification by seconding them into seats with Flex Clients.
Flex Trainees Cohort 1 sit and smile

What exactly is Flex Trainee?

Flex Trainee is our attempt to solve a number of legal industry-wide problems, by helping deserving future lawyers from disadvantaged backgrounds qualify.
Firstly, the lack of diversity in the legal profession is a known problem. Barriers are often placed in front of candidates who deserve the chance to become lawyers, especially during the Training Contract application cycle. There are many bright and capable candidates who deserve an opportunity to enter the legal industry.
Secondly, legal teams across the country are often keen to improve diversity and inclusion within their teams, but lack the know-how to do so. With few processes in place to recruit, train, and retain junior talent, the talent pools of many high-profile legal teams are growing stagnant.
That's where Flex Trainee comes in - to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the SQE. We've partnered with Strive to find talented young legal professionals who deserve a chance, and will second them to one or more of our clients as they accrue their 2 years Qualifying Work Experience. This gives our clients a chance to easily and quickly improve their workplace diversity, and offers our Flex Trainees the exact hands-on experience they need.

Our first cohort of Flex Trainees:

Parisha Dabasia profile picture
Parisha Dabasia
Flex Trainee

Parisha is currently working with Vodafone on her first Flex Trainee secondment. She's an LLB graduate from Leeds University, and has a lengthy history of working in both private practice and in-house.

Afroditi Griva profile picture
Afroditi Griva
Flex Trainee

Afroditi is currently seconded to Next Fifteen Communications Group as part of her Flex Trainee experience. She has a Law Degree from Newcastle University, has passed the LPC, and has extensive legal work experience.

Stephanie Rezai profile picture
Stephanie Rezai
Flex Trainee

Stephanie is currently seconded to ASOS.com as her first Flex Trainee placement. She has gained notable legal experience working with both London law firms, and multiple high-profile retail organisations.

Jennifer Talabi profile picture
Jennifer Talabi
Flex Trainee

Enitan Jennifer Talabi is a Flex Trainee currently seconded to Trussle, a mortgage broker. She has considerable legal experience, including in multiple government departments.

Ghazal Noory profile picture
Ghazal Noory
Flex Trainee

Ghazal is currently on a Flex Trainee secondment with The Crown Estate. She is a University of Reading 1st Class LLB graduate, and boasts an impressive range of paralegal experience.

Jordan Yohannes profile picture
Jordan Yohannes
Flex Trainee

Jordan is a Flex Trainee currently seconded to Pheonix Group. She has a Law Degree from the University of Kent, a keen interest in FinTech, technology and innovation.