It’s such an exciting time for Flex Trainee! We're keenly looking for organisations who share our vision.

Mary Bonsor, Founder


Flex Trainee - a new way to grow diverse talent

A full cohort of Flex Trainees are seen across a sofa in the Flex Legal office. They are as diverse as they are happy, and each bear a warming smile.
We have a vision of a more diverse and socially-mobile legal profession. Let's work together to achieve that reality.
The new SQE framework for solicitor qualification represents a significant opportunity for organisations to support the next generation of lawyers. Through a mixture of in-house secondments, consistent support from Flex Legal HQ, and the potential of the SQE exams, we're hoping to radically improve social mobility and diversity within the legal profession.

What is Flex Trainee?

A roundtable of Flex Trainees listen intently as they learn soft skills
Flex Trainee is a two-year social mobility scheme, structured around an in-house secondment to an organisation. We locate the best and brightest aspiring lawyers from historically under represented backgrounds, and embed them via one of three "routes" with forward-thinking legal teams as they accrue their Qualifying Work Experience.
Not only does this allow legal teams to invest meaningfully in the future of the profession, but it offers them a valuable junior resource.
A cohort of 4 Flex Trainees stand before a building, smiling as they begin their solicitor qualification
Flex Legal provides continuous support to trainees and organisations throughout each placement. We want trainees to hit the ground running, so put each of them them through a rigorous Readiness Programme. The programme is entirely bespoke, equipping them with the hard and soft workplace skills they need to succeed in your specific team.
We also offer trainees regular 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions, supplementary training, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities. We meet monthly with each trainee's in-house supervisor to gather feedback and resolve any issues.
If you would like to have a no-commitment chat about the benefits of embedding a socially mobile aspiring lawyer into your team, just enter your details here:
Some of our flex trainee clients:

Three flexible ways for legal teams to grow socially mobile talent

Whether you want to nurture a socially mobile apprentice from the start, develop a trainee who has already begun their legal journey, or support one of your own junior team members to take the next step, there is a Flex Trainee route that fits.
Flex ApprenticeFlex TraineeFlex Talent Development
The RouteDevelop a socially mobile trainee through the apprenticeship route, right from the start of their legal journey. Bring in a trainee who has already passed SQE1 or the LPC, and has some legal experience, to complete their qualification in your team.Enroll your own aspiring trainee into the Flex Trainee support programme to give them the tools they need to qualify successfully.
The Profile of the Potential TraineesMeets Flex social mobility criteria; has a Law or Legal Studies degree; does not have LPC or SQE1 (Masters students are eligible).Meets Flex social mobility criteria; has completed SQE1 or LPC; has a minimum of six months’ legal experience.Meets Flex social mobility criteria, or your organisation already has a socially mobile Flex Trainee placed in your team.
The EmployerFlex Legal, with the trainee seconded to your organisation.Flex Legal, with the trainee seconded to your organisation.Your organisation.
The Trainee Study Requirements4 days work and 1 day study per week (or equivalent), over two years.Full time working in year 1, full time working with study time required during SQE2 period in year 2.Full time working with 0.5 days per week study time during prep course period.
The Trainee Academic/Reporting RequirementsApprenticeship Portfolio completion Check-in sessions with Flex Legal, Damar and their trainee supervisor; training sessions with Damar SQE1 in year 1 and SQE2 in year 2.Recording work experience through the Flex Legal QWE Journal; completion of SQE2 in second year of placement.Recording work experience through the Flex Legal QWE Journal SQE1 in year 1 (optional) SQE2 in year 2.
What kind of legal team would the route benefit most?Teams with a strong ESG remit and the capacity to develop a socially mobile aspiring lawyer taking the first steps in their career.Organisations needing a junior professional who can hit the ground running.Organisations looking to empower their paralegals to qualify successfully; teams with high-potential paralegals who need support with supervision administration.

Want to apply to become a Flex Trainee?

Are you from a social mobility background and want to pursue a career in law? Would you be perfect for our next cohort of Flex Trainees?

As part of Flex Trainee, we've partnered with the legal social mobility charity, STRIVE, to identify aspiring lawyers from unique backgrounds who deserve an opportunity to kick-start a legal career. You can apply to Flex Trainee via STRIVE, who provide all kinds of additional career support for their members. You can learn more about STRIVE via their website.


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