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September 16 2021

How Flex Legal helped Kraft Heinz meet their internal targets

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sophie gould

sophie gould

How Flex Legal helped Kraft Heinz meet their internal targets

Kraft Heinz is a widely recognised household name, and one of the world’s biggest food and beverage companies. Hundreds of brands fall under the Kraft Heinz umbrella, many of which are valued at more than a billion pounds in their own right. When Kraft Heinz was introduced to Flex Legal in 2019, we were obviously delighted at the chance to work with them. Who wouldn’t be?

In the years that have passed since, Flex Legal has had the privilege to support their General Counsel and wider in-house team on a number of matters. Our platform has allowed Kraft Heinz to hire flexible, quality candidates during peak workloads and meet their internal targets. Not only that, they’ve afforded us the confidence to find high-quality paralegals and lawyers who fit their company culture, and every individual we’ve placed has integrated incredibly well with the Heinz team/company as a whole.

Flex Legal have supported Kraft Heinz with their business as usual, such as drafting and reviewing service and supply agreements for their procurement and sale departments, assisting with administrative tasks, and managing regional reporting requirements. We’ve also offered them more niche and specialised support such as providing training sessions to their junior in-house staff, assisting with ASA compliance and investigations, and working with their CSR team to foster partnerships and initiatives with their charity partners.

Mary Bonsor, CEO of Flex Legal, said: “We have loved working with such a fantastic brand and such a lovely team. Everyone we have placed at Kraft Heinz never wants to leave!”

We love working with Flex Legal. They’ve continuously supported us in providing many valuable candidates and have helped to make the hiring process much smoother during busy peaks of work.

Simon Chapman, Legal Counsel at Kraft Heinz

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