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August 18 2021

How Flex Legal helped Gowling WLG with flexible legal support

Case Studies

Mary Bonsor

Mary Bonsor

Gowling WLG and Flex Legal a case study on flexible legal recruitment

Gowling WLG is an international law firm with over 1,500 legal professionals across 19 different cities.  Flex Legal first began helping Gowling WLG back in 2017 when they faced unprecedented peaks of work due to multiple large cases heading to Court and staff maternity leave.

Since the introduction, Flex Legal has provided 56 paralegals to Gowling WLG for both peaks of work and large projects they have needed assistance with. This has included work in Gowling WLG’s Real Estate, Litigation, Commercial and Corporate teams. More recently, Flex Legal paralegals have been assisting the Business Improvement team and helping them test and improve the firm’s document review AI. Several of the paralegals have moved from a temporary basis through Flex Legal to a permanent position at the firm. This has been a fantastic measurement of how well the candidates have fitted into Gowling WLG, and has provided a great pipeline of good quality resource.

Mary Bonsor, CEO of Flex Legal said: “Gowling WLG has been a great partner to Flex Legal for several years now. It has been brilliant helping with such a wide range of practice areas and all of our paralegals have absolutely loved working for such a prestigious firm who really care about their training. They have all felt part of the team from the very beginning.”

We have loved working with Flex Legal. The quality of their candidates have been superb and they provide invaluable support during busy times of the year. The team at Flex HQ are always on hand and very responsive which really helps when we have tight deadlines to meet.

Chloe Lloyd, Head of Resourcing

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