Flex Legal is proud to support the vibrant legal community in Liverpool.

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Liverpool is a vibrant metropolitan city, home to some of the best legal institutions and universities the north-west has to offer. We’ve already connected countless talented legal professionals to highly regarded institutions in the Liverpool area, and we’re only just getting started.

Liverpool is home to over 90,000 students, of which 30,000 graduate each year. Many of these are law students - and we make sure we maintain a presence in higher education establishments such as the University of Liverpool, the University of Chester, and the University of Law Chester. We’re always seeking out a diverse and talented range of Liverpool law graduates for our paralegal roles.

Located by coastal towns like Southport and Blackpool, Liverpool has a population near to 500,000, forming a strong economy which is dominated by service sector industries. Flex Legal presents paralegals and lawyers who have comprehensive knowledge in areas of law including employment, commercial and family law.

As one of the key culture centres in the UK, Liverpool is extremely diverse and dynamic. At Flex Legal, we appreciate the benefits of boosting diversity in your workforce, such as increased creativity, expand knowledge and improve efficiency. Our platform allows your team to select from a recommended talented and versatile candidate list, to attain professionals with the right experience for the role, without a lengthy searching process.

How Flex Legal Works

Once you complete information of your requirements, we can quickly connect you with freelance paralegals and freelance lawyers in Liverpool and surrounding areas. We are proud to say our talent pool is eager support both small and large businesses by offering temp work, suiting both clients and our law professionals alike. The option of hiring pay per hour and contract lawyers enables complete control and flexibility in any area of legal support, no matter the extent of help required.

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Our Liverpool Clients

Some of our better-known clients in the Liverpool area are:
  • Provenio Litigation
  • Taylor Wessing
  • Hill Dickinson
We’re delighted to help facilitate flexible placements with these groups.
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Flexible options to meet your needs

We get all sorts of requests from our clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help solve your specific problem. Our paralegals and lawyers come from all sorts of backgrounds, and are trained in all sorts of areas of law. Here are some of our most requested areas:

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