Using an interim lawyer is an affordable way to scale up your capacity during peaks of work or access niche skills without increasing your headcount.

Ben Harris, Senior Client Services Manager

Why flex legal

Hire flexible on-demand lawyers

Our award-winning team and platform connect you to lawyers that directly match the skills you need. Whether it’s a litigation solicitor that speaks French, or a property lawyer with experience in the music industry, we will strive to find the right people for you from our database of over 300 lawyers.
Do you need short-term holiday cover for an existing member of your team? How about long-term maternity leave cover? Or even just a bit of extra legal firepower for an already stretched team? Whatever the reason - we’re passionate about making flexible legal resourcing as quick and painless as it can possibly be.
Just tell us exactly what you need and we will shortlist the Flex platform users who match your required skills and experience. All of our lawyers have been pre-approved and onboarded. Once we’ve shortlisted lawyers suitable for you, you’ll be able to browse their online profiles and pick the one that fits your requirements exactly.
Hiring a lawyer has never been so easy.

Our featured Flex Legal lawyers

Tessa Ingram - Flex Lawyer
Tessa, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Commercial Lawyer

Nathalie Ramrutton - Flex Lawyer
Nathalie, UK, Mauritius & France - UK tax resident

Commercial Lawyer

Vasileios, London

Tri-lingual French qualified Lawyer and in January finished acting as Interim Head of Litigation for Cushman & Wakefield

Still can't find what you're looking for? Our platform is home to 300+ flexible lawyers, and we're certain we can find the right one for you. We're always happy to discuss your legal requirements, so get in touch!
How it works

We make interim work easy

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How we compare

Flex Legal Traditional recruitment agencyAlternative legal service providers
Thousands of pre-approved eligible candidates
Comprehensive online profiles with videos
Industry-beating client dashboard
Tech-driven skill matching
Fully automated timesheets and invoicing
Complete staffing flexibility - you're in control