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July 25 2022

How we helped Julia find remote real estate legal work

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Zaia Ndokera

Zaia Ndokera

Julia - Flex Lawyer Blog Banner

Julia joined the Flex Legal platform towards the end of 2021 on the lookout for a remote, real estate role. Within three days, we found her the perfect position at DWF, a leading global provider of integrated legal and business services with 31 offices across the world.

We had a quick chat with Julia to hear all about her experience of using Flex, her thoughts on being an interim lawyer, and what advice she’d give to any aspiring solicitors.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am a real estate lawyer with over 20 years’ experience. I've worked for large and small firms on many different IT systems! I relish a technical challenge and enjoy using my knowledge to achieve the best outcome for clients. 

Why did you choose to transition into interim legal work?

I had left a role which wasn't as advertised so I was available for an immediate start. Ben at Flex Legal messaged me about a remote role. I started three days later and haven't looked back since.

Ben at Flex Legal messaged me about a remote role. I started at DWF three days later and haven't looked back since.

- Julia, Flex Lawyer

Where have you been placed and how have you found it?

I have been placed at DWF and BCLP. Both firms urgently needed an experienced real estate team member to hit the ground running. My workload has been challenging and varied. Plus, BCLP encourages team members to "speak up" and they have been very receptive to all of my new ideas.

Could you tell us a bit more about your experience of working through Flex Legal?

Each "Flexer" is asked to set up a profile page and onboarding information is linked to this. Flex Legal's platform made this process as quick and easy as possible.

I work 100% remotely, and I like being in control of when I work, so Flex’s diary availability system allows me to do so by giving me the option to block time off.

Their timesheet submission is also slick and the fortnightly payroll system is brilliant. Plus, having access to Smart Rewards is the icing on the cake!

Flex Legal's platform made this process quick and easy. I like being in control of when I work, the timesheet submission is slick and having access to Smart Rewards is the icing on the cake!

- Julia, Flex Lawyer

What advice would you give to any aspiring solicitors currently working as paralegals through Flex Legal?

  • We are influenced by the five people we spend most time with. Identify your work influencers. Take what resonates most with you and ditch the rest
  • Be accurate. Check and then check again
  • Be curious
  • Be willing to learn, and at the end of each week reflect on what you've learnt and what you'd like to learn next week
  • Be super organised because you are likely to support more than one person
  • Always ask if you need clarity
  • Always confirm deadlines (if not provided)
  • Utilise all IT available to you, including AI tools to check documents
  • Embrace and act on feedback
  • Work on your portfolio as you go

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