Interim lawyer work offers amazing benefits like a better work / life balance, new and interesting clients, and heaps of flexibility to find the roles that are perfect for you.

Elena Pitsillides, Head of Lawyers

Why Flex Legal

Working as an Interim Lawyer

What if there was a better way to practice law? An ever increasing number of lawyers are finding that the fee-earning lifestyle isn't for them, and are embracing alternative models of employment.
Working as an interim lawyer is one such model, and allows you to work for fixed periods with interesting, varied clients. When working through Flex Legal, we find the opportunities for you - all you have to do is accept the ones that you are interested in. Here are some of the major benefits:
  • A significantly better life / work balance.
  • A dedicated lawyers support team, who are here to find new clients for you and ensure placements go smoothly.
  • Choose exactly how you want to be paid - under our PAYE or through your own limited company.
  • Exciting projects with interesting clients.
  • We look after the financials for you, meaning there is no need to chase clients for payment.
  • Only accept the projects that are right for you, with no minimum commitment required.
Some of our clients
A Macbook Pro is seen, open. On the screen is Flex Legal's candidate portal, showcasing availability options that you, a lawyer, can customise.
Receiving roles through Flex Legal

How the Flex Legal platform works

The Flex Legal platform is entirely unique. It was custom-built to facilitate connections between legal professionals and potential clients.
Once your profile is built on the Flex platform, you fill out an availability calendar with when you are / are not available for placements, and let us know the kind of work you are interested in.
Then, our dedicated lawyers team will find interim placements for you. We'll contact you via email or text with the specifics of new opportunities, which you are free to accept or reject as you see fit.
  • A fully customisable online profile, that you can adjust at any time.
  • Instant notifications for new roles.
  • Quality skill matching with suitable roles for you.
  • Access to online and in-person industry events.
In more detail

How our process works

Application process

Interested in becoming a Flex lawyer?

If working as an interim lawyer through Flex Legal sounds like the sort of thing you would be interested in, then use the button below to find the application form for our platform. You can also find our FAQs at the bottom of this page. For anything else, just get in touch!


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