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March 22 2022

5 reasons for Junior Lawyers to join Flex Legal

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Elena Pitsillides

Elena Pitsillides

5 reasons for Junior Lawyers to use Flex Legal Blog Banner

At Flex Legal, we’re passionate about redesigning the way we work in the legal industry, giving lawyers the power to make smarter life/work choices, and to take back control of their career. Become a lawyer through Flex and you can say goodbye to the crazy long hours, unreasonable pressure and lack of flexibility that we see so much within legal teams across the country.

Are you a junior lawyer who wants to move to interim working but still feel a little unsure?

Then take a read of our top 5 reasons to take the leap and open up a world of legal opportunities!

1) Improved life/work balance

Do you dream about having a better life/work balance? A role which allows you to do the work you love, your way? Then moving to interim work could be the change you need! Working as a Flex lawyer allows you to pick and choose the roles that fit best with your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to work when, where and the number of days/hours that you want to. Do you want to work 6 months of the year? A whole year? Do you need a break in between? It’s all down to what works best for you.

Flexibility is so important. It is great to be able to pick up work when you want it, and decline opportunities when you have other commitments. Having that control over your career and your earnings is a real driver.

Lillian, Employment Lawyer

Flex Lawyer Nathalie works remotely from Mauritius

2) Opportunity to work remotely

In the post-Covid landscape, remote and hybrid working opportunities are becoming the norm in more and more industries across the UK. However, many firms in the traditional legal sector are still keen to see employees face-to-face in the office.

At Flex, we recognise how important it is to offer flexibility to our lawyers and are proud to have various remote roles on our platform. Flex Lawyer, Nathalie, has found that interim working has even made it possible for her to travel and spend time with her family abroad (her office view in Mauritius is enough to give anyone serious FOMO).

3) Variety of roles/areas of law

Interim lawyering can make your work life much more exciting and varied. At Flex Legal, we specialise in finding lawyers fixed-term, interim placements where your skills and experience are matched with the clients who suit you and your interests best. Imagine a professional life where you weave in and out of law firms and in-house legal teams, expanding your network, taking on fresh challenges, and trying out new areas of law.

Interim work opens up opportunities to work in industries or on projects you may not otherwise have been exposed to.

Charlotte, Commercial Media Lawyer

4) Calibre of clients

Flex Legal are proud to boast an impressive client list, and we are well-connected to a huge array of leading law firms and in-house legal teams across the country, from BCLP, Dentons and Freshfields, to Monzo, ASOS and The Crown Estate. If you're an England and Wales qualified lawyer or have the right amount of UK-based legal experience, we can connect you to our growing network of clients for the best interim legal opportunities available.

Banner of Client Logos

5) Make an impact

As an interim lawyer through Flex, it’s often the case that you’ll be taken on to support a client with an immediate business need. This means that you have the chance to be influential from very early on as you need to hit the ground running, and you’ll be in a prime position to demonstrate your ability to deliver results efficiently and effectively. Apply to Flex and you can make a real impact in the legal work you do!

Like the sound of interim legal work, but still have some burning questions? Then head over to our FAQ’s where we answer anything you may be unsure on, or get in touch with us to have a free introductory chat with one of our interim lawyers who has taken the leap!

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