We help hundreds of organisation every year find candidates with specialist family law skills.

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Family Law

Specialist family law skills are some of the most sought-after in the legal sector, and Flex Legal can match you with candidates ready and waiting to bring their expertise to your organisation.

Family law has an influence in many different walks of life and can be extremely complex, hence it is one of the most popular areas of the legal spectrum amongst professional law firms. At Flex Legal we can provide temporary paralegal and lawyer candidates for family law matters.

Whether you require additional support with your divorce or separation cases or are experienced lawyers specialising in disputes, private wealth and trusts, our flexible team of legal professionals understands all the financial and emotional implications and will work with you to find the best possible part-time or full-time support.

Flex Legal specialises in providing temporary legal support based on the needs of your individual business. We match you with candidates from our vast pool of professional legal resources, all ready to hit the ground running and help maintain the good name of your business. We can add value to your family law department by bringing high standards of knowledge, compassion, diligence and work ethic, to ensure the status of business remains high whilst you encounter temporary staffing needs.

Contact Flex Legal today for access to hundreds of on demand lawyers and paralegals, all ready to bring value and high standards to your organisation, and flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances and needs. Flex Legal will give you access to the temporary family law expertise that you need.

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How we can help

Family Law common tasks

We can work with your organisation to plug short term staffing gaps or to supplement your existing team where it is needed. We can bring a wealth of experience to immediately add value in:
  • Preparing bundles before mediation or Court
  • Drafting and completing Form E
  • Taking notes during hearings
  • Drafting instructions to counsel
  • Disclosure and Redaction
  • Drafting Pre Nuptial Agreements
Service Areas

Flexible options to meet your needs

We get all sorts of requests from our clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help solve your specific problem. Our paralegals and lawyers come from all sorts of backgrounds, and are trained in all sorts of areas of law. Here are some of our most requested areas:

Areas of Law
Organisation Type

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