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June 9 2021

RSG Consulting and Flex Legal

Case Studies

Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

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RSG Consulting is a leading consultancy helping to accelerate change in the legal profession through research, events, awards and market insight.

Reena Sengupta founded RSG Consulting back in 2001. Reena and Flex CEO Mary were introduced in 2017 when Reena was in need of some smart, articulate paralegals to help with research and writing for the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Awards. Her team at the time was swamped with projects and she needed people who could hit the ground running by interviewing lawyers and sending out questionnaires.

Since our introduction, Flex Legal has provided 12 paralegals to RSG Consulting when they have had peaks of work or projects they have needed assistance with. This ensures RSG Consulting don’t need to hire on a permanent basis, but can ensure they have talented professionals who can help them during busy times. RSG Consulting have been so impressed with some of the candidates, that they have gone on to hire them into permanent roles in the team.

We really love helping RSG Consulting. All our paralegals have loved it as it is such a great way to find out more about the legal profession and practise their communication and research skills, both of which are key to being a successful lawyer

- Mary Bonsor
CEO of Flex Legal

It has been a godsend, and I am not sure how we coped before Flex! We really value having access to such a deep and broad pool of talent. We have never had a Flex-er who didn’t work out. Our problem is always that we want to keep them longer. Long may the partnership continue!

- Reena Sengupta
Managing Director of RSG Consulting

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