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May 6 2022

Northern In-house Event: Commercial Law Update


sophie gould

sophie gould

Northern In-house Event Banner

Flex Legal (in collaboration with LexisNexis) are back again bringing an array of teams together from across the thriving Northern In-house legal community; aimed at all levels of legal professionals, from paralegals to GC's. This free virtual event will be held on Thursday 19th May, 10.00 - 11.00.

This time Iain Larkins, Founder of Radius Law, and Sandra Martins, Head of Employment at Radius, will be delivering an insightful commercial law update, with an overview of all the latest changes and developments, including:

  • Good faith and best endeavours obligations
  • Data Security
  • Environment issues
  • Fire & Hire (including Tesco’s approach to changes in T&C’s/P&O ferries dismissals)
  • Staff Audits