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May 31 2021

May '21 Paralegal of the Month: Rhiana Assi

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James Bosson

James Bosson

Rhiana Assi - paralegal of the month

Huge congratulations to Rhianna Assi, our Paralegal of the Month for May '21!

We really like quality of paralegals we have on our platform, and are constantly amazed at their abilities and drive. Each month, we make a big point to showcase one paralegal who has really stood out to us recently and crown them our Paralegal of the Month!

This month's POTM is the astonishing Rhiana, an enthusiastic University of Manchester graduate who has recently been working as a Commercial and IP Paralegal through Flex at Burley Law. Rhiana's role has been wide ranging and complex, meaning she has needed to think fast and adapt faster to some niche and challenging tasks. She has done so with grace, finesse, and enthusiasm - and our clients at Burley Law are immensely pleased with her. We couldn't be happier to name her our POTM, and can't wait to see what else she achieves from here! Well done, Rhiana!

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