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January 21 2022

Life on the cutting edge of law with Kiran Radhakishnan

Humans of Law Podcast

James Bosson

James Bosson

Kiran Radhakrishnan of NRF smiles with Mary Bonsor on the Humans of Law podcast

In this episode of Humans of Law, Mary is joined by Kiran Radhakrishnan, Head of Norton Role Fulbright's Newcastle Hub, and NRF Transform (EMEA).

Having qualified with NRF's London Corporate in 2014, Kiran took charge of the Newcastle Hub when it opened in 2016. He later took on additional responsibilities as  NRF Transform's Commercial Director for Europe, Middle East and Asia, where he oversees the Innovation, Legal Design and Legal Technology teams.

Kiran's background makes for captivating discussion with Mary, as they both share insights and stories about their lives on the cutting edge of legal innovation. Both want to shape the industry, both have recently launched legal trainee schemes, and both understand the opportunities and challenges presented by a reshaped legal industry.

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