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September 29 2023

Why interim hires are perfect for litigation projects

Industry Insights

Mary Bonsor

Mary Bonsor

Two women smile and shake hands to the right of frame. Unbeknownst to them, over the shoulder of one woman, approaches a fully spread report on the myriad merits of interim hiring within a litigation context. Cometh the hour, cometh the report.

In the modern litigation landscape, group litigators are confronted with two conflicting challenges. Firstly, how do they ensure that case management is carried out to a high standard? Secondly, how do they run day-to-day case management as cost effectively as possible?

We have extensively consulted with seasoned litigators across the sector, and firmly believe that interim resourcing is the best solution to juggling the conflicting priorities of quality vs cost effectiveness. In our new report, full of practical guidance for group litigators both old and new, we outline precisely how to turbocharge your litigation project with interim resourcing.

Download the report, entirely for free, here:

Pages of a whitepaper report are sprawled before you. The title reads: "Interim Hires in Litigation Matters"

What is included in the report?

  • Guidance on maintaining high work standards at a low cost.
  • Explorations of the long term cost benefits of interim resourcing.
  • Practical advise on getting the best results from interim hires.
  • Easily digestible, actionable information.

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