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February 21 2022

How hiring an interim paralegal helped The Modern Family Law Company

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Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson

Modern Family Law Company Case Study Banner

The Modern Family Law Company is a law firm which specialises in children law, dispute resolution, child arrangements disputes and family creation services such as surrogacy, adoption and assisted conception; with a large focus on the LGBT+ community, particularly trans childcare matters.

Melissa Kelly and Deborah Baxter founded TMFLC with the aim of doing things better. Having both worked as solicitors with local authorities, Melissa and Deborah know how psychologically taxing legal work can be. The Modern Family Law Company flipped that script, and aims for better outcomes for legal practitioners and clients alike. This people-first approach aligns strongly with our mission at Flex Legal - to make the legal industry more human, diverse and inclusive for all. So, as you can expect, when Melissa and Deborah approached Flex in July 2021, we were delighted to work with them.

TMFLC were looking specifically to take on a remote paralegal on a part-time basis, with the possibility of full-time work in the future. They were particularly keen for someone who was passionate about a career in family law and ideally someone who could speak another language. After a thorough search of our online platform, we found the perfect candidate - Peri, a trilingual family law paralegal, who conducted freelance work assisting litigants with complex or emotional needs.

8 months later and Peri has fitted in incredibly well at TMFLC, supporting them with a range of legal tasks including: document prep and creation; completing forms, court filings and client/court communication; reviewing instructions; and general administration work. Due to her experience in dealing with individuals with complex or emotional needs, Peri has been able to offer the empathetic, understanding service that makes TMFLC so unique.

We’re so pleased we’ve been able to connect Peri with Melissa and Deborah, and look forward to continuing to work alongside TMFLC, supporting them on their journey to provide a holistic legal service which puts individuals’ mental health first.

We spoke with Peri to get some feedback on her experience of working for The Modern Family Law Company through Flex Legal:

“The Modern Family Law Company is a positive and engaging work environment. It has a really inclusive and holistic approach to supervision. A conscientious place to work, with an accomplished and friendly management team.”

Flex helped match our business with the perfect candidate in Peri. She was flexible, capable and professional in her approach to clients. Peri was able to provide exactly the virtual resource that we needed, at a time that suited us both, whilst also ensuring that the ethos of TMFLC pervaded all that she did for us.

Melissa Kelly

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