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September 2 2021

August '21 Paralegal of the Month: Kevin Burela

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Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson

Kevin Burela paralegal of the month August 2021

A huge congratulations to August’s Paralegal of the Month - the wonderful Kevin Burela!

At Flex Legal, we love to celebrate the fantastic work of our candidates and each month we showcase one of our paralegals who has really shone during their time with us.

Kevin is a trilingual LPC graduate who has consistently performed amazingly well on his long-standing Flex placement with Dentons. Kevin has been tackling some challenging document review tasks, and learning on the fly how different documents are handled in different jurisdictions. He's handled it fantastically well, and our clients at Dentons are incredibly pleased with him. We’re really excited to see where his legal journey takes him next!

I was pleasantly surprised with how thoughtful and helpful Flex were, and feel grateful for how professional and efficient they were at answering all of my questions.

Kevin Burela - August Paralegal of the Month

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