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February 11 2022

How to make the legal industry more human with Dan Kayne

Humans of Law Podcast

James Bosson

James Bosson

Dan Kayne, Founder of the O Shaped Lawyer, smiles in black and white as he thinks about the great time he had on the Humans of Law podcast

Dan Kayne is Founder of the O Shaped Lawyer, and General Counsel at Network Rail. Having qualified in private practice with Dechert LLP, Dan eventually made the transition to an in-house role at Network Rail in 2007. Recently, he has attracted significant attention for his work through the O Shaped Lawyer, which he founded in 2019. They are a campaign group, calling for reforms to the training and development of lawyers, in the hopes of creating a more positive and human-centric legal industry.

Dan's work aligns closely with the Humans of Law podcast, and makes for arresting discussion with host Louise Anderson. Together, they explore the life event that personally led Dan to push for change in the legal industry. Dan speaks passionately about the changes he wants to see in the industry, and he and Louise offer an optimistic and hopeful look at the legal industry of the future.

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