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September 28 2021

How Flex Legal helped Runnymede Law during peak workloads

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Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson

Runnymede Law Logo

Runnymede Law is a specialist law firm providing affordable dispute resolution and claims handling services to insurers and other clients. They provide dedicated legal and claims services, with a strong expertise in claims litigation, commercial and insurance work, and all aspects of dispute resolution. They operate from offices in Melton Mowbray and Colchester, with additional smaller hubs in Nottingham and London.

When their team experienced a busy period, Runnymede’s CEO, Mark Thomson, contacted Flex Legal, after hearing about our fantastic pool of paralegal talent from our CEO and Co-founder, Mary. With a specific request for support with a project review of a large insurance scheme, Runnymede needed a fast turnaround on paralegals who had experience in litigation and insurance claims. Flex Legal were on hand to help and placed three suitable candidates within the next month.

Since this initial request, Runnymede were so happy with our paralegals’ work that they have returned to us twice more for additional support with the same project review, and a total of six of our paralegals have been placed with them throughout the year. Most recently, two of our candidates made such a positive impact during their time working with Runnymede that they have been offered a training contract and a permanent position respectively. We’re really proud of our paralegals, and hope to continue our work with Runnymede.

Mary Bonsor, CEO of Flex Legal, said: “It’s been brilliant working with Runnymede Law over the last year, and we’re really happy that our paralegals have fitted in so well. We’re especially proud of our two candidates who have secured a training contract and a permanent position, and hope that we will continue to provide Runnymede with great quality legal resource.”

We’ve enjoyed working with Flex Legal and are happy with the paralegal support they’ve provided to us. They have responded to all our requests with efficiency and are always on hand to help.

Mark Thomson, CEO of Runnymede Law

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