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August 9 2021

5 reasons legal teams love flexible resourcing

Industry Insights

Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

A graph, showing the benefits of a flexible legal workforce, shows how workforces can be tailored to match work demand

Flex Legal is a lawtech scale-up on a mission to redesign the legal recruitment model. Our online platform connects interim paralegals and lawyers to the busy legal teams that need their support.

Back in 2017, our co-founders Mary and James started out with a simple mission – to connect law students struggling to find legal work to legal teams who need paralegal support. Now, almost five years later, Flex Legal has grown into an award-winning, multi-purpose lawtech juggernaut. Our platform is home to thousands of skilled paralegals, hundreds of interim lawyers, and we have multiple regional offices working to support some of the country’s biggest law firms and legal teams.

We’re really proud of how far we’ve come, and have no intention of slowing down yet. Here’s what we can currently offer:

1) Bolster your legal team immediately

When it comes to the legal industry, time is money. Using an interim legal resourcing service can give your team the extra firepower it needs, without the wait required in a full recruitment cycle. Our current record from receiving a client request to a paralegal starting work is two hours. Once you’ve submit your request, we can send you personalised proposal lists of suitable candidates.

2) Tackle increased workloads without increasing your headcount

Every legal team out there knows the temporary strain of DSARs, Disclosures, Contract Reviews, etc. They are time-consuming tasks that often create a resource gap and pull team members away from higher priority work. With Flex Legal, you can meet the resource gap created during those demanding periods of increased work – without taking on permanent hires. Better still, you don’t need to train interim legal professionals, pay their holiday, or pay their pension. We take care of that for you, giving you all the billable perks of a temporary hire without any of the hassle.

3) Access diverse skillsets

Solving a diversity of legal problems requires a diversity of thought and experiences. If your legal team needs bolstering with new or niche skills, Flex Legal’s talent pool could offer you a quick and easy compliment to your existing team. We have over 150+ languages available on our platform, cover a huge range of service areas, and are ready to support your team for as much or as little time as you require.

4) Try before you buy

To retain client service levels and meet SLA’s, you need the right talent at your disposal. We have so much confidence in our ability to match you with the perfect fit for your team, that you are completely free to permanently hire your Flex paralegal or lawyer following their placement. On average, our clients offer a Flex paralegal a permanent role every three days, and over 200 paralegals have been offered Training Contracts following our placements. You don’t need to go through any hiring processes - we’ve already done the hard work for you.

5) Sync your workforce to your workflow

When your workforce remains static, your team gets stretched during peaks of work and underutilised during lulls. When you resource your teams with flexible, interim professionals, your workforce adapts to the exact rate of your incoming workload. Our paralegals and lawyers are hired on an on-demand basis – meaning you’re free to stop, start, or pause your interim professionals with no minimum commitment. Our rates start from as little as £20/hr, and we’re committed to offering our clients the most flexible service possible to help you work to budget.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Flex Legal’s services, why not book a demo with us, or read more about why our services are so cutting-edge?

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