The key to a successful placement is communication. Please stay in touch with your supervisor and the Flex team

Jess, General Manager

Before you start

Ways of working

Congratulations on securing a role through Flex Legal! We look forward to working with you and really hope that you enjoy your experience working through us.
Working as a “Flexer” means you represent us in the legal market with our clients and it is crucial to us that you succeed in your role, and that we support you to do so. You are being placed in a professional environment, whether the role is office based or remote, and our clients have high expectations of you and us. We will help you to manage your placement successfully and gain really great experience that will help you in your future career.
Central to a successful placement is good communication. Most situations can be managed by honesty and transparency in communication, but nothing annoys a client more than being left in the lurch or misled. Furthermore, as a future lawyer, working with legal teams, high standards of conduct are expected of you. Following these Ways of Working rules will hopefully avoid any sticky situations!

You are employed by Flex Legal

Please note that you are employed by Flex Legal and not by our clients. This means:
  • If you need a reference for your work through Flex Legal, we will happily provide you with one. Please provide the reference company with as a contact. Please note that our clients are unable to provide references.
  • You must reflect your work through us appropriately on LinkedIn (and any similar social media). You are welcome to put “Paralegal (on placement with [Client]) at Flex Legal”.
  • You can not apply for internal job opportunities or internal training contract opportunities with clients
  • If you have any issues or grievances in the workplace, these must be escalated to Flex Legal
The Client Services team is always here to answer any questions and we ask that you speak to us immediately if you have any work or personal queries or concerns, at any stage in your placement. You can drop us an email at or call us on 020 3887 6706.

If your availability changes, tell us as soon as possible

Other than your fantastic profile you are likely to have been selected for the role due to your availability! We understand that sometimes things come up that are out of your control. If the availability that you gave us on the availability form changes for any reason please email as soon as you can.
Whilst on placement, you should work the hours and days set out in your Assignment Confirmation. It is not acceptable to work alternative hours or days to “make up” time, without express prior agreement from the client and us.

Holiday must be approved first

Similarly, please let us and your supervisor know if you need to book any holiday days off. Please wait to get this approved before you book any travel etc. If you have any holiday already booked or unavailable days before you start the project, please make sure you let us know on the availability form.

Sickness must be reported ASAP

We really hope you do not get sick, but if you do please let your supervisor and us know before 9 a.m. so we do not worry about where you are! Please email or call us on 0203 887 6706.

Please complete your Flex Legal timesheets accurately and on time

We will send you a timesheet every Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure you complete your hours each Friday so that you are paid on time. If you are working on the weekend (pre-agreed with Client) then you can submit on Sunday evening. You are sent an email with instructions, read this carefully before you fill in the timesheet. We want to avoid any confusion over accuracy of timesheets that can cause delays to your pay while we investigate, so again, if you have any doubts over your hours or tasks please contact us immediately. If you make a mistake in your timesheet please email ASAP. You must not work beyond the hours set out in your Assignment Confirmation without prior client approval.

Ask your supervisor how to manage time for tech Issues

If you have any tech issues please get in touch with your supervisor or a relevant contact at the client immediately. If you cannot reach them, contact us. Please also check with your supervisor if you should stay at your desk whilst the issues are ongoing, or log off and reflect this accordingly on your timesheet.

You will be paid fortnightly

You will be paid fortnightly (one week in arrears) at the rate outlined on your Assignment Confirmation. Further FAQs can be read below. For any other payroll queries please contact

Please dress appropriately

Please remember that you are working in a professional environment, and ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing at all times, even if the placement is remote/ virtual.

Everything should be treated as highly confidential

In no circumstances should you ever send any work materials or emails to your personal email or print them to work on at home. If you do so, your placement will be terminated immediately. If you are sent a laptop by the client do not treat this as a personal laptop, it is for client work purposes only. Anything you do at work should be treated as highly confidential and any breaches of confidentiality will result in termination of your employment with Flex Legal and potential further consequences.

Poor feedback may lead to your removal from the Flex Legal platform

Our clients trust Flex Legal to supply quality paralegals who have unquestionable integrity and judgement even whilst they are still learning their legal skills. Please be aware that poor feedback from a client may mean we are no longer able to recommend you to other clients and we may have to remove you from the Flex Legal platform pool.

Hand in your notice to the client and Flex Legal

If you need to leave your placement before the agreed end date, please hand in your notice to the Client and to Flex Legal.
Please ensure this is done professionally and please provide the client with as much notice as possible.
client services team

Key contacts

Tanya Robinson profile picture
Tanya Robinson
Client Services Manager

I joined Flex Legal as a Client Services Manager in June 2020 and I head up the paralegal side of the bookings team. My specialty is all areas of conveyancing. I enjoy travelling, new challenges and in my spare time love a good read!

Jessica Rivett profile picture
Jessica Rivett
General Manager

I joined Flex Legal in December 2020. It's a happy return to the legal industry for me after 5 years working in operations and partnerships at a media company, as in a previous life I was a litigation solicitor at an international law firm. This means I can make sure things run smoothly and understand our clients, lawyers and paralegals needs!

Louise Anderson profile picture
Louise Anderson
Head of the Northern Hub

I joined Flex Legal in March 2020, and work closely with our clients and partners across Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds to grow our presence in the North. In my free time I'm a fan of espresso martinis, cycling, and learning to play piano!

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