When an influx of DSARs strain your team, a wise solutions is to outsource them to interim paralegals.

Zaia Ndokera, Head of Paralegals South


Subject access requests

The new GDPR regulations have changed how people and organisations operate in a fundamental way. The need to have strict policies in place for sourcing, processing and releasing data has changed how many businesses work, and the critical nature of GDPR means you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Flex Legal is a temporary employment agency for lawyers and paralegals. Our candidate portfolio has specialist knowledge and experience of GDPR laws and we can help businesses needing short term and temporary support with subject access requests.

A subject access request comes from a subject upon which data is held. The request is to be provided with a copy of the personal data being processed and an explanation of the purposes for which personal data is being used. Flex Legal can assist by providing short term support to help with subject access requests. We can:

• Go through emails to find relevant information

• Redact bundles to ensure they are ready to be viewed by the requester

• Process DSARs (Data subject access requests) on behalf of your legal team

DSARs can be a time-consuming task and a drain on your legal resources. Increasingly we are seeing legal firms seeking temporary legal support to provide a quicker, more efficient and completely confidential short-term service to manage this task and take the weight of this important task.

At Flex Legal we understand the importance of GDPR, but we also recognise that lawyers and paralegals can quickly become inundated with work, and tasks such as subject access requests can fall down the priority list quickly. However, Flex Legal can offer a professional solution and can pick up critical GDPR work to ensure standards are maintained and important client services can continue.

Contact us today about subject access requests, and we can help you by providing flexible legal support. Our lawyers and paralegals on demand can pick up your DSAR work and provide temporary legal solutions, with short term and flexible legal expertise.

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