Flex Legal can boast significant experience in providing interim support for large scale litigation projects.

Louise Anderson, Head of the Northern Hub


Flex Legal are your solution to short term staffing needs and we can provide temporary legal support with specialist lawyers and paralegals ready and available to bring immediate value to your organisation.

Litigation is a common and necessary feature of the law. It refers to the process of resolving disputes via the court system, and may be considered in two categories: civil and commercial. Civil litigation deals with disputes between two people, whereas commercial litigation resolves disputes involving at least one non-human entity, such as a business. This practice area is adversarial and requires the court to consider both black letter law and the context of the dispute to reach a verdict.

The support of experienced and respected litigation specialists on a temporary basis, can be the difference between winning and losing a dispute, but it can also help your organisation through a challenging period caused by staff shortages and the sheer weight of work.

Contact Flex Legal today and we can discuss with you how our network of diligent and specialist legal professionals can assist you. Our on demand lawyers and paralegals can deliver value quickly and require minimal management in maintaining your high standards and reflecting the professional standing of your organisation.

How we can help

Common litigation tasks

It is easy to see how much background work it takes to bring a dispute to court and for it to proceed accordingly. However, many cases never reach court and are settled well in advance. But this still requires important discussion, review and negotiation. This is where important background work takes place and where Flex Legal can provide key support with temporary legal resources to help you prepare for big cases, or settle out of court. We have specialist professionals who can assist in:
  • Preparing bundles for Court hearings
  • Engaging in settlement discussions
  • Document review
  • Interviewing and drafting witness statements
  • Pagination and redaction
  • Drafting POCs and Defences
  • Drafting Letters before Action and advising on merits of a case
  • Drafting Instructions to Counsel
  • Court support
  • Serving documents
  • Carrying out a privilege review
Service Areas

Flexible options to meet your needs

We get all sorts of requests from our clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help solve your specific problem. Our paralegals and lawyers come from all sorts of backgrounds, and are trained in all sorts of areas of law. Here are some of our most requested areas:

Areas of Law
Organisation Type

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