Did you know, Flex platform users speak over 150 languages? We have native, bi-lingual and even tri-lingual legal professionals.

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Legal translation

Language is a critical factor in the legal sector and at Flex Legal we are able to provide a wide range of important on demand translation services as and when you need them.

Laws, regulations and associated actions and how they are interpreted is the fundamental basis of the legal system, and everybody has a right to have their voice heard and properly understood. So you may be acting on behalf of an overseas worker in an employment tribunal or for an organisation struggling to understand the new post-Brexit immigration laws. In many cases there is a need to translate documentation and carry out complex negotiations in a foreign language.

At Flex Legal we understand that languages can be a specialist skill not always represented within your permanent workforce, so we have a pool of resources experienced and fluent in over 150 languages, and able to interpret key legal information. These resources can provide temporary legal translation support to cover:

• skilled workers sponsors licence applications

• visa applications

• assistance with employment tribunals

• interpreting contracts

• assisting employers in understanding new recruitment laws

Learning a foreign language is one thing, but being able to apply this to critical and complex legal issues is a specialist skill. At Flex Legal we are able to provide flexible language services to cover your legal needs on a short term basis. These on demand translation services are able to cover absenteeism, to help clear a backlog of work, or to assist in preparing for big changes or a major court case.

Whatever your translation needs are, Flex Legal can discuss how we can provide temporary language support from qualified lawyers and paralegals. This service can assist and support your business through challenging short term circumstances, whilst maintaining your professional standing.

Our temporary legal support enables you to operate on a cohesive and professional basis, offering seamless legal expertise to help you through short term staffing issues. Contact Flex Legal today and we can help you with on demand legal services.

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Flexible options to meet your needs

We get all sorts of requests from our clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help solve your specific problem. Our paralegals and lawyers come from all sorts of backgrounds, and are trained in all sorts of areas of law. Here are some of our most requested areas:

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