Flex have been invaluable in enabling the rapid growth of our client-facing hubs, and have always looked for ways to evolve their solution as those needs have changed.

Mark Hines, Head of Recruitment at Leigh Day


Flex Legal's Litigation Report Series

Litigation Report Series - all the covers together

The importance of properly resourcing litigation projects cannot be overstated. The challenge confronting litigators, therefore, is how to juggle the two conflicting priorities of quality vs cost.

At Flex Legal, we firmly believe that interim resourcing is the best solution, matching skilled paralegals and lawyers precisely to your project demands.

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Boost your legal team

Unlock the future of litigation with Flex Legal

Flex Legal is proud to offer the UK's leading service for hiring flexible lawyers and paralegals on demand. Our platform is powered by cutting-edge law-tech that was purpose built, and allows us to find the perfect fit for your organisation faster than anyone else on the market.
But how can we support with your litigation projects?
  • Ramp up your litigation support team as needed.
  • Match skilled paralegals precisely to your project demands and optimise productivity.
  • Maximise your profitability through efficient, short-term resource allocation.
  • Streamline, simplify and support your document review process from start to finish.

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