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July 23 2020

Flex Legal and Freshfields Manchester

Case Studies

Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

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Flex Legal & Freshfields Manchester

Freshfields Manchester Hub brings together lawyers, technologists, legal support staff and process improvement specialists, who together design more agile and efficient ways to deliver legal services.

The Hub was established in 2017 to centralise high volume tasks such as due diligence, document review and research. By applying cutting edge technology and thinking, the Manchester Hub provides a sophisticated service for Freshfields colleagues and their clients.

Flex Legal and Freshfields Manchester share the same vision of redesigning the way legal services work and we have worked together in partnership for three years.

International case support

In March 2020, Freshfields Manchester contacted Flex Legal to request temporary paralegal support for a project that required a paralegal who could speak fluent Arabic and be able to work with colleagues in different regions.

Flex Legal actioned the request and sent out a text to our pool of Arabic speakers and Fulwah Alhamed, a LLM student at Liverpool University, accepted.

The case required translation of legal documents from Arabic to English and required Fulwah to work with colleagues in the Middle East. To adapt, Fulwah worked Sunday to Thursday to mirror the working days of the Middle East.

Fulwah says: “working at Freshfields Manchester has been very exciting, especially for me as a new Law graduate. I have been exposed to all kinds of legal work from mergers to contracts and it was an environment where I was constantly pushed to reach my full potential. I worked mainly with the MENA team, meaning my working week was Sunday to Thursday. Acclimating to this new schedule was unique. Initially I found it to be an unorthodox working week, however it took no time for me to adapt. I was exposed to both English and Arabic work, and I learnt so much from my time there.In regards to the pandemic, I worked from home and I was provided with all the equipment I needed to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible.  Of course, all the members of my team were lovely, and very welcoming. I was never afraid to ask any questions if I had any, and I had built so many wonderful friendships.”

Fulwah was an invaluable resource to Freshfields

Sophie-Elise Adams, Operations Executive