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Junior Lawyer Virtual Lunch Event: February '22


sophie gould

sophie gould

Blog Banner - February Junior Lawyer Lunch

In February’s virtual Junior Lawyer Lunch, we are delighted to welcome Holly Moore, Solicitor Apprentice at ITV and Future Board Member for the O Shaped Lawyer. This session will focus on why it is so important for aspiring future lawyers to build a broad interpersonal skillset, to compliment their technical knowledge of the law.

Holly will also be covering what exactly the O Shaped Lawyer is and what it aims to achieve for legal practitioners and clients alike.

You can sign up for the event here:

This event is aimed at newly qualified lawyers, paralegals and trainees, and aims to bring together a thriving community of legal professionals.

The O Shaped Lawyer aims to make the legal profession better for everyone by advocating client-centric interpersonal training. They are an exciting advocacy initiative calling for radical change to the skills and culture of the legal profession. Through education and leadership coaching, the O Shaped Lawyer aims to put people front and centre of their vision for a changed legal industry.

Holly Moore, is an O Shaped Lawyer Future board Member and the first in-house Solicitor Apprentice in the UK, in her 6th and final year, working at ITV but currently on secondment to a city law firm. Holly graduated with a First Class Honours law degree in 2020, and is currently studying towards the Solicitors Qualifying Examinations. She also runs a blog called ‘ThatLawBlog’, where she gives apprenticeship advice, shares her experience and encourages young people to explore all of their career options, regardless of their background.