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November 19 2021

How do you manage a legal team effectively? with Catie Sheret

Humans of Law Podcast

James Bosson

James Bosson

Mary Bonsor and Catie Sheret, GC at Cambridge University Press and Assessment, smile in black and white against a Humans of Law backdrop.

In this instalment of Humans of Law, Mary speaks with Catie Sheret, General Counsel at Cambridge University Press & Assessment.

Catie has had an incredible interesting legal journey. After qualifying with Linklaters, she spent almost 20 years working in a number of Senior in-house roles at education publisher Pearson. In 2018, she took a leap of faith and moved over to Cambridge University Press. Catie has a staggering amount of experience managing legal teams, which makes for a rich and interesting discussion with Mary. They share tips on getting the best of your legal team, how they're finding the experience of managing people during the age of hybrid working, and how in-house lawyers can demonstrate value to their organisations.

This episode of Humans of Law is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

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