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April 28 2021

A-Z of Paralegal tasks

Legal Career Tips

Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

A Flex Legal blog banner in white, detailing the A to Z of paralegal tasks

The power of a paralegal: the beginning of Flex Legal

Paralegal work has been the core of Flex Legal since its inception. The entire idea of Flex first came to Mary, our CEO and co-founder, when she was practising as a property litigator in London.

One day she found herself in the office surrounded by bundles, boxes and looming deadlines. In a moment of frustration, she looked out of the window and saw law students queueing for a lecture. She remembered her time doing the same, and how desperate she had been for legal work experience. Suddenly an idea clicked.

What if there was a way for busy legal teams to reach out to experience-hungry law students, and flexibly bolster their ranks during peaks of work? What if it could be done as easily as ordering a taxi or a pizza? Flex Legal was born!

Since then, Flex has grown into an industry-leading lawtech platform. We’ve helped hundreds of legal teams find flexible support during busy periods, and thousands of law students and graduates find the paralegal work experience they’re after. Our paralegals can help in many, many ways, so we’ve compiled the definitive A – Z of paralegal tasks:

Analysing and inputting legal data


Contract reviews

Disclosure and document review



General admin

Hearing note taking

Interviewing and drafting witness statements

Judgment applications

Know Your Client

Legal research

Minute writing and agenda planning


Organising files, meetings and data rooms


Query management and prioritisation

Redaction and pagination

Subject Access Requests

Transcribing and translation

Unfair dismissal claims

Vendor agreements and playbooks

Wayleave agreements

Xerox printing and scanning

Your diary management

Zero-based budget planning