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December 16 2020

5 ways to update your Flex Legal profile

Flex News

Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson

5 ways to update your Flex Legal profile

Updating your Flex Legal Profile

Now is a great time to update your Flex Legal profile, and get better tailored legal work opportunities sent your way!

Make sure you update your Flex Legal profile if you:

  • Are looking to work through Flex Legal in 2021.
  • Have new qualifications, skills, experiences or languages to add your profile.
  • Have recently qualified or secured a training contract.
  • Are no longer looking for work.
  • Would like to be removed from the platform.

The Flex Legal portal being shown on a computer monitor

1) How we use your Flex Legal profile

Keeping your profile up to date is incredibly important. It’s what we show to our clients when we’re putting you forward for roles, so it’s really worth taking the time to get it looking as good as possible.

Make sure you have added information to all sections of your profile to demonstrate your skills, qualifications and experiences. When we search our platform for paralegals and lawyers who are suitable for a role, we usually search using words that match the role description. This means that the more detail you add to your profile, the more likely we are to find you in our search results and put you forwards!

Also - if you have recently qualified, please add your SRA membership number so we can calculate your PQE.

The Flex Legal Profile Availability settings screen, shown on a laptop screen

2) Set your Availability

If you’re looking for work, make sure your Availability is up to date. If you haven’t listed yourself as available, we won’t bother you with roles!

When we’re checking the platform for paralegals and lawyers to fill roles, your availability is the very first thing we check!

3) Upload a profile video

Your profile video is the first thing clients see when we send them your profile, so this one is really key. If you joined Flex Legal a while ago, there’s a chance your video may be out of date - or maybe not there at all!

We would really recommend uploading a profile video here that reflects your current CV and future ambitions.

The best profile videos are short and sweet, and ideally less than 60 seconds long. Here’s some good pointers to help you get a high quality video:

  • Film the video landscape mode, not portrait.
  • Make sure the lighting is good. Standing in front of window when recording can give you nice, warm, natural light!
  • Make sure the video is in a high resolution. Any new-ish smartphone should be able to film in a high quality.
  • Keep your camera steady whilst recording, ideally by propping it up on a stable surface.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Provide a brief history of your education and work.
  • Mention any particular skills or experience you have, as well as anything that might set you apart.
  • Conclude by saying what kind of work you’re looking for - but remember to keep it open ended. This can be a tricky balance to find, so just try not to pigeonhole yourself too much.

Read more on our blog: How to record a great profile video

Flex Legal Emergency Contact fields

4) Changing personal information

This one is really important! Aside from fairly standard and unchanging details such as your name, number, email address, and diversity information, there’s other personal details that may have changed. Remember to keep your profile updated if you have changed:

  • Your address.
  • Your emergency contact (and their contact details).

Flex Legal profile consent tick boxes

5) GDPR Consents

One section you may have overlooked is our GDPR Consents tick boxes. These could see some exciting roles and opportunities coming your way!

There are three things we ask you to consent to:

  • Featured Candidates - Sometimes, we share profiles of our paralegals and lawyers in our monthly newsletters. This is for a few reasons. Partly to encourage more potential clients to hire Flex paralegals and lawyers, but also to showcase success stories we see happen through our platform. If you’re happy to have your profile shared publicly then please tick this box. Profiles can only be viewed for 2 weeks to protect your data.
  • Paralegal and Lawyer Newsletter - at the end of each month we send our an email newsletter filled with role and opportunities, exclusive offers and discounts, exciting events, news, and a whole lot more! We really put a lot of time and effort into it and we always try to make it worth a read.
  • Marketing - As you might have seen, there’s quite a few Flex profiles featured on our website. If you would like your profile to be considered for this, or if you are happy for us to contact you for Paralegal and Lawyer of the month nominations, case studies, blog posts, or podcast recordings, then please tick here!

6) Leaving Flex Legal 😢

We always hate to see people go, but we understand that sometimes people move on. Perhaps you’ve secured a permanent position, you’ve started a new course, or perhaps your visa has expired. Whatever the reason, if you’re no longer interested in being a part of Flex Legal, and would like us to delete your profile, please contact us using the details here.