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October 20 2020

Vodafone: Flex Legal gives us access to key junior resource

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sophie gould

sophie gould

The Vodafone London offices are seen illuminated in the fading light

In 2020, Flex Legal was introduced to the legal teams at Vodafone Group, Vodafone Business and Vodafone UK. Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company with an award winning legal team spread across 22 countries with over 150 lawyers and compliance professionals in the UK.

In the UK the legal teams are made up of fairly senior professionals, so were missing junior support. This issue was becoming problematic with senior lawyers having to cover work that a more junior person could be doing and transformational projects getting delayed as the teams were increasingly stretched with legal work.

After a virtual meeting with three of the Heads of Legal at Vodafone UK, Business and Group and a demo of our platform, Flex Legal paralegals have joined Vodafone legal to work on various projects across different teams. Having access to cost effective junior legal support who can work flexibly across teams has had a significant impact on the efficiency of these legal teams within the company. With the ability now to have dedicated junior resource assigned to projects, one legal tech project was delivered within two months when typically a project like that would have taken over a year.

Having access to paralegals has really helped manage peaks in work and to close out transformational initiatives efficiently, improving our operations and reducing stress for our existing team. The flexible model works perfectly for us as well

Wayne Spillett, Head of Legal (Commercial Operations)
Vodafone Group

To date, Flex Legal has provided paralegals to Vodafone across three different legal teams and we look forward to continuing to support Vodafone with junior legal resourcing needs.

It is exciting to be able to support the senior lawyers in the Privacy team. Along with joining a great team, I have gained valuable and varied experience to help me pursue my career in law.” — Bryher Rose, Paralegal

I have been really impressed with the quality of paralegals that Flex Legal have offered to us. They have quickly integrated into our team and added real value which has really helped our productivity.

Andrew Yorston, Head of Legal
Vodafone UK

EDIT: Since the time of publication, Vodafone have gone on to partner with Flex Legal for our award-winning Flex Trainee scheme (an SQE social mobility scheme). This has further strengthened the ties between Vodafone and Flex Legal, and has afforded Vodafone’s legal function yet another key junior resource - as well as the means to earnestly contribute to broader organisational ESG goals. You can see Vodafone’s senior legal team discussing the scheme in the video to the right.

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