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December 23 2021

Our Top 10 Legal Films & TV Series

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Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

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If you're isolating, recovering or relaxing this winter, Flex Legal is here to help. We’ve rounded up our top 10 legal films and TV series to keep you entertained, motivated and inspired.

Harvey Specter from TV Series, Suits

1) Suits

Follow Corporate Lawyer, Harvey Specter, and his associate, Mike Ross, on their legal adventures in New York. Learn why cheating your way through Law School never pays off.

This series is a MUST for any aspiring lawyer or Royal Family fan.

Watch on Netflix now

Legally Blonde Film Gif

2) Legally Blonde

A film so iconic it was turned into a trilogy AND a Broadway musical.

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How to get away with murder TV Series Gif

3) How to Get Away with Murder

Annalise Keating is a criminal defense attorney and law professor who becomes involved in some “extra-curricular activities” with 5 of her students…..

Watch on Netflix now

Erin Brokovich Film Gif

4) Erin Brockovich

An inspiration to paralegals everywhere. Based on a true story, follow Erin’s battle to represent the town of Hinkley against Pacific Gas and Electric Company in the 90s.

Watch on Netflix now

The People vs. O.J. Simpson Series Gif

5) The People vs. O.J. Simpson

If you were not around to watch the drama unfold in the 90s, we would highly recommend you watch this incredible series. Over 10 episodes, you learn the context, challenges and characters of this landmark trial.

Watch on Netflix now

Dark Waters Film Gif

6) Dark Waters

Another true David vs. Goliath story. Corporate lawyer Robert Bilott transitions from defending chemical companies to leading a class action against global giant, Dupont. A tale of resilience, determination and leadership.

Watch on Netflix now

Judge Rinder TV Series Gif

7) Judge Rinder

British Criminal Barrister Robert Rinder aka “Judge Rinder” runs small claim arbitration court for civil cases on ITV.

Ok, ok, he’s not a real judge, we know, but if you’re interested in seeing how real disputes can be solved sensibly, this is useful TV.

Watch previous episodes

The Firm Film Gif

8) The Firm

Tom Cruise plays a Harvard Law School graduate who accepts a ‘too good to be true’ offer from a law firm….

Adapted from the John Grisham novel with the same title, this legal thriller reminds you that salary is not everything when seeking a job.

Watch on Netflix now

Defending the Guilty Series Gif

9) Defending the Guilty

One for the Barristers!

Will, a keen, green and eager pupil barrister is paired with Caroline, his jaded mentor.

Watch on BBC iPlayer now

When They See Us Series Gif

10) When They See Us

Incredibly powerful, moving and emotional.

This four-part series, tells the important story of the ‘Harlem five’ and their journey to justice.

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