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May 19 2020

Things we've learnt in coronavirus lockdown

Flex News

Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

Things we've learnt in coronavirus lockdown

At F-LEX, one of our values is positivity so with this in mind, we asked the F-LEX team: 

  • What have you loved during lockdown?

  • What have you learnt during lockdown?

  • What will you do differently after lockdown?

Mary - I have loved not having to commute in a busy tube to and from work. I have learnt to value the little things in life - going for a 30 minute walk is the highlight of my day. I will try not to buy as much when lockdown is over - I have been living out of a suitcase at my in-laws for 9 weeks and have not really missed a wardrobe full of clothes!

Louise - I’ve loved spending more time at home with my partner during lockdown. We loved exploring our local area on our daily walks and making small improvements to our home. I’ve been learning how to play piano during lockdown and after lockdown I want to continue to do more cooking from scratch.

Sophie - I have loved having all my boys home so we are all together as a family - a rare treat now the two oldest have moved away from home.  I have learnt how much I miss the small day to day face to face interactions with friends and family.  After lock down I will make a point of shopping locally rather than heading off to a large supermarket.

Emma - I have really enjoyed a slower pace of life where I don’t feel guilty if I’m not getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym or out every single evening. I have learnt that I’m much happier when I’m not feeling pressured to be busy. After lockdown ends I will definitely try to rush around less and slow down more. 

Damian - I have loved no cars on the road! It is nice not constantly being surrounded by the noise of traffic. I have learnt to be more creative with finding things to fill my day with. Rather than defaulting to going out for a coffee (or to the playground with kids) I have had to come up with different forms of entertainment. After lockdown I will try to maintain some of the small things I have enjoyed about lock down and not fall straight back into old ways.

Ben - I've loved having the time to go for a scenic early morning cycle instead of facing the commute. It's been great preparing fresh lunch every day instead of taking leftovers to my desk. I've learnt that space is the most valuable commodity! After lockdown ends, I'll keep pedaling.

Kristina - I have really enjoyed going back to basics (or maybe back in time?). I have spent a lot more of my spare time reading, walking, playing board games and observing all the animals in my garden than I did before.  Tech has been amazing at keeping us all connected, but it has been a real joy to enjoy the simpler things in my spare time. After lockdown I'll be trying to do the same - especially as current indicators suggest I still need a lot more practice to get anywhere near finishing the cryptic crossword.

Jamie - I have enjoyed not having to commute and having that extra time in the day. It has also been great not having to wear jeans for well over a month and being able to lounge about in comfortable clothes! During my furlough I started learning guitar which I had always wanted to do, and hopefully I will be able to continue with it once things go back to normal!

Miruna - I really loved the extra hours of sleep in the morning and the occasional lie-in when I started at 11am (I also really enjoyed cooking and eating something fresh for lunch every day). I have definitely found more appreciation for the people around me - when we are all so busy it can sometimes be hard to find time to speak to an older friend so with so much time on my hands I really got to bond with my friends. I think a lesson for after lockdown is to slow down and prioritise people.