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March 11 2022

From competitive sport to lawtech with Tom Dunlop

Humans of Law Podcast

James Bosson

James Bosson

Tom Dunlop, CEO of Summize, smiles in black and white as he appears on the Humans of Law podcast alongside Louise Anderson

Tom Dunlop is CEO of Summize, a cutting-edge lawtech company specialising in automated contract review. Tom is a fascinating and multi-talented individual, and was a semi-professional badminton player before qualifying as a lawyer and founding legal tech companies. The competitive streak and burning need to win that Tom developed in sport have entirely informed his entrepreneurial mindset. Despite his young age, Tom's determination to to reach continuously greater accomplishments is infectious.

Tom's life and mindset make for insightful discussion on today's Humans of Law episode. He and Louise Anderson discuss Tom's sporting history, and blend it into the lessons that Tom carried into professional life from his badminton days. They then move onto the lightbulb moment that led to Summize being founded, and how Tom keeps the Summize team aligned with the company's mission.

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