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December 3 2021

Aspiring Lawyer Panel - with Daniel, Hattie, and Rhiana

Humans of Law Podcast

James Bosson

James Bosson

Four people in black and white. One of them is Louise Anderson of Flex Legal, the others are Rhiana Assi, Hattie Rawlings, and Daniel Onafuwa

In this extra special episode of Humans of Law, Louise is joined by our first ever panel. It consists of Daniel Onafuwa, Hattie Rawlings, and Rhiana Assi, who are all young aspiring solicitors.

The conversation tackles how each of them are trying to find their way into an incredibly competitive legal industry, whilst overcoming the challenges of the last few years. Each of our guests is taking a different path into law, and they all come from different backgrounds. Amongst other things, the conversation explores how each of them are united in their perseverance to find a life an in industry they love. It's a really inspiring and interesting discussion, and offers a candid look at the current challenges facing tomorrow's lawyers.

This episode of Humans of Law is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

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