What is Flex Legal?

The legal profession, improved.

Flex Legal started with a simple question: what if busy legal teams could instantly connect with the lawyers and paralegals they need? Fast forward 7 years, Flex is doing exactly that, and is now one of the UK's fastest growing companies.
Our social mobility initiative, Flex Trainee, is also making waves. We are helping legal teams contribute to organisational D&I, and are opening the doors of the legal industry up to diverse aspiring solicitors from under-represented backgrounds.
The Flex platform is proud to offer:
  • Access to thousands of pre-vetted lawyers and paralegals.
  • A new way to grow diverse junior talent via our Flex Trainee scheme.
  • Expert guidance from our HQ team of ex-lawyers on the best candidates for your specific needs.
  • Faster access to lawyers, trainees, and paralegals than anywhere else.
Some of our clients:

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Our core business

Lawyers and Paralegals on demand

Our social mobility scheme

What is Flex Trainee?

Flex Trainees from across multiple cohorts are seated on the central staircase of Gowling WLG's London offices. They are smiling, some are even laughing. All in all it's a very pleasant and warming scene.

Flex Trainee is our award-winning social mobility scheme, that seconds aspiring solicitors from historically under-represented backgrounds to the UK's biggest and best legal teams.

We intake cohorts of Flex Trainees twice a year, and second them to our clients. Flex Trainees accumulate their Qualifying Work Experience, and then sit their Solicitor's Qualifying Exams.

All of our Trainees have access to SQE1 and SQE2 preparation courses, and we cover the cost of them sitting the exams. We also have each Flex Trainee undergo our Readiness Programme before their Flex Trainee placements start - which covers legal and advanced workplace skills.

Some of our Flex Trainee partners: