Document review is an incredibly common task we provide support for. If you need documents reviewing, we're here for you!

Zaia Ndokera, Head of Paralegals South

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Document Review Paralegals

Document review is a labour-intensive but very necessary legal process. Fortunately there are many document management systems that have been developed in recent years and adopted throughout the legal sector. They help legal teams to build diligent and professional systems that can be easily referenced. But at Flex Legal we know that developing and managing these systems can be time-consuming and easily neglected.

Flex Legal are an employment agency for lawyers and paralegals, and by providing temporary legal services, we have helped multiple in-house legal teams:

• Move to new document management systems

• Manually input contracts and other data into systems

• Design and implement ‘tag’ systems for easy reference and retrieval

• Develop document review systems so that they can evolve in the future as documents are added

So if you are moving to a new document management system or need help with the leg work of adding contract data and making it easily retrievable, Flex Legal can provide trusted and professional paralegals and lawyers to act as temporary and flexible legal support. We have experience in working with several different contract management systems and have IT specialists able to recommend new systems and how to work with and develop existing systems.

This all acts to provide a vital temporary legal service, and as on demand legal support we can react quickly to offer this support, whether you need it for a few days, a month or on a longer term temporary basis. Our flexible resources can be adapted to what you need at very short notice.

If you contact Flex Legal today we can discuss the current document review procedures you have and work with you to implement and develop a system that will work for your organisation in the future. Our temporary legal team have the knowledge and experience of many different document review processes and systems, and can apply this expertise to your business.

Get in touch with Flex Legal today and enjoy specialist legal support to provide the temporary solution you need today, and to maintain your professional reputation for the future.

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