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Our Paralegals

We only want to send you the best paralegals. To do this we have stringent processes in place.
  • Identity Checks

    We carry out comprehensive checks on our paralegals including identity checks
  • Qualified or Experienced

    We provide paralegals with training contracts and/or substantial experience.
  • The best Law Schools

    We work with the best UK Universities to source a diverse paralegal resource
  • Confidentiality

    We provide confidentiality agreements for all of our paralegals
  • Multiple Languages

    We provide bilingual paralegals speaking 30+ languages & international qualified lawyers
  • Reviews

    We provide experienced paralegals who we have vetted and who you can request remains a `favourite`

How it Works

  • Provide Requirements

    Fill out the booking form below with your requirements and send them to us.

  • Match Paralegals

    We will match your requirements to Paralegals registered on our database and check their availability.

  • Candidate Shortlist

    We create a short list of candidates for your review. We include videos of our Paralegals as well as their full profile and we can help organise a phone screen or for longer placements an interview.

  • Booking Confirmed

    Once you have selected your paralegals we will introduce them to you and help organise their first day. We manage the timesheet and invoicing process on behalf of both parties.

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