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March 3 2020

This is me: Louie

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Louie Buckland

Louie Buckland

This is me: Louie

Who are you? 

Hello! I’m Louie and I’m part of the Commercial Development Scheme here at F-LEX. I am an LLB and LPC graduate working while I apply for training contracts in London. I am particularly fascinated by the interaction between the law and sport, and I hope to eventually work in a role that incorporates both. Outside of work, I love movies, illustration, music, walking my sausage dogs and hunting down London’s best pizza joints! 

I found out about F-LEX from my peers at BPP Law school, who explained that F-LEX could help me get the work experience I needed to turbo-charge my TC applications. When I got my shot and interviewed to become a F-LEX paralegal, I instantly noticed the modern, warm, flexible culture within the company and I was offered the chance to hone my commercial skills here for a while instead. The decision was an easy one. The entire F-LEX team is made up of lawyers and future-lawyers, so I knew that they’d understand my goals, as well as the goals of every F-LEX paralegal. (The team’s obsession with the local Franco Manca and Alma the office pooch helped too!!). 

What has F-LEX allowed you to learn?

I loved my degree and I worked hard at the LPC, but F-LEX has been my most significant learning experience to date. We are a 3 year old legal-tech startup so, as you can imagine, at the moment we are relatively small! This means that our team are exposed to almost every part of the business. To give you a taster, we onboard paralegals, handle client projects from beginning to end, negotiate and draft T&Cs, engage with finance, tax and compliance issues, manage social media accounts and form our own sales and marketing strategies - plus so much more. This has given me a rich understanding of how a company really operates on the inside and will certainly help me to understand my clients’ needs in far more detail once I am a lawyer. 

While working with F-LEX, I have been encouraged to take on paralegal placements to further my legal development too. I was thrilled to recently earn a short placement at Wembley Stadium with The FA. As a football nut, it was a dream come true to call Wembley my workplace - even for a few days. (I took my boots in case Southgate needed an extra man but, alas, my talents were not required). The F-LEX team were incredibly supportive, giving me time off during a manic period to go and achieve a personal goal. Helping others to achieve their goals is much more than marketing ‘spin’ here, it's genuinely part of the company’s culture and it shows in the work the team does every day. 

What should I do if I want to learn more about F-LEX?

If you want to learn more about F-LEX, the first thing I would do is head to our website at https://flex.legal/. If this hasn’t satisfied you then give us a call, send us an email or even attend one of our events! We regularly speak at Universities around the country and attend legal careers fairs. Come and say hi! 

What does working F-LEX-ibly mean to you and how do you do it? 

To me, working flexibly is all about building a career that fits as seamlessly as possible around your life, rather than turning your life upside down so that it fits around your career. It has been extremely impressive watching F-LEX make these changes to one of the most traditional, rigid industries in the world. 

Again, I can personally vouch for this. When changes have occurred in my personal life, the F-LEX team have been brilliant in allowing me to adjust my working patterns accordingly. These changes have made me happier and less stressed, and a happy, healthy employee certainly produces better results. Everybody wins.

To the F-LEX team, working flexibly isn’t just an attractive headline, it’s the future!