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September 1 2020

There’s more to life than Word and PDF

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Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

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Flex Legal and Juro: Efficiency in data migration and contract review

Founded in 2016, Juro is on a mission to redefine contract workflow for business, and have recognised the efficiency gains in doing so. It’s the definition of technology working for its customers in the right way.

As a contract collaboration platform that enables businesses to agree and manage contracts all in one unified workspace. Juro helps sales teams close contracts up to 75% faster, people teams reduce time-to-hire by 35%, and in some cases helps clients get legal documents agreed and signed in 5 minutes.

There is more to life than Word & PDFs

As companies sharing similar visions of using technology to boost efficiency in the workplace, Juro and F-LEX have been complementary to each other since their inception.

In July 2020, Juro needed paralegal resource from F-LEX to assist them in migrating data to their systems for a client. Following the request, F-LEX was able to utilise its tech solution to find suitable pre-vetted candidates, check for availability, and produce them to the client for approval within a day. The following week, F-LEX paralegals began working with Juro on their project, which lasted for 2 weeks. Isobel and Zuzanna, the two paralegals assigned to the project, mentioned how the team at Juro were “friendly, warm and communicative”. Their experience of seeing legal AI in action is invaluable for their future careers.

To find out how Juro can streamline your business, whether that be in legal, sales, HR or for developers, visit their website: https://juro.com/

The process was seamless, and both paralegals were extremely efficient and competent. We would happily work with Flex Legal again.