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July 12 2019

The F-LEX News Bulletin

Flex News

Harry Coates

Harry Coates

The F-LEX News Bulletin

We have really exciting news for all our Flexers that are looking for a career at the bar. We have a brand new podcast just for you.


The Pupillage Podcast is intended for law students, BPTC students, or anyone really who is considering a career at the bar.  Beatrice Collier and Georgina Wolfe, from 5 Essex Court, speak to guests from the most junior of tenants, fresh out of pupillage, to the most senior of judges (e.g. the Lord Chief Justice; Lord Judge) and hear their advice and tips on how to get pupillage.


Each episode covers a different stage in the process, from starting to think about your CV to mini-pupillages, through to choosing your practice area and chambers, getting advocacy experience and then on to making applications and undertaking interviews.


So far Season 1 has had about 7,000 listens and has been favourably received if Twitter is anything to go by their twitter handle is @pupillagepodca1. They are currently recording Season 2 which will be released in September.


It is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, MixCloud and Apple Podcasts.


F-LEX around the Country

Heads up Flexers, we are on our travels in July and August.


First up, on the 31st of July we will be heading down to Cardiff to run an onboarding day. The day is being hosted by one of our favourite clients, Capital Law. If you know anyone in the Cardiff/Bristol area who you think would be interested in joining F-LEX get them to email their CV to bookings@flex.legal


Then on the 1st and 2nd of August F-LEX are going global! Well we are coming to you Belfast.


We will be in Belfast running not one but two onboarding sessions. If this sounds like your cup o’tea then please email your CV to bookings@flex.legal. Spread the word tell your friends and get those CVs in.