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June 3 2020

How to drive efficiency within your legal team

Industry Insights

Megan Wright

Megan Wright

How to drive efficiency within your legal team

Yesterday, Sophie Gould, our Head of Learning & Development at F-LEX, chaired another great COVID-19 virtual session for GCs and Senior in-house lawyers in collaboration with LexisNexis UK and Radius Law.  

Mary Bonsor, co-founder of F-LEX was guest speaker this week, discussing agile working and how to drive efficiency within your organisation.

Driving efficiency through agile and flexible working

At F-LEX we work with over 250 clients helping them to drive efficiency.  One area Mary advocates is looking at the flexibility of your workforce - are there employees who are able to quickly adapt into different roles due to their expansive skillset? Flexible working will be a big part of all organisations going forward and it is a great opportunity for legal teams to adapt and flex to ensure you have the right people, at the right level, doing the right work. Helping teams get the best out of their members is something we are passionate about at F-LEX. 

Mary also stressed that SQE provides an exciting opportunity for in-house legal teams to employ paralegals to support their teams whilst also helping them to gain experience towards qualifying. Paralegals are significantly cheaper than a trainee! 

Interestingly, 48% of this week’s attendees said that at least once a day they carry out work which could be done by someone more junior as they don’t have the junior resource available within their teams. F-LEX recently placed a junior lawyer who had been furloughed by his firm into a legal team who required junior resourcing assistance. This enabled the junior lawyer to fulfil his desire of gaining more experience in the tech start-up world  within a firm which advises tech start-ups! 

In other polls, greater use of technology took the majority vote of 57% when attendees were asked how they plan to drive efficiency in their teams during the course of the next 12 months.

And, when asked how you show the value of the legal team to the business, most attendees answered with efficiency, reducing risk and solutions.

F-LEX is here to help!

F-LEX is here to help legal teams with resourcing solutions on a flexible, on-demand basis whilst simultaneously helping people starting out in the industry to gain experience. If you would like to book a free demo to see how F-LEX works and how we can help your business fill out your email address and click submit on the form below!

Thank you!

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