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May 21 2020

How to do data labelling as quickly and cheap as possible

Case Studies

Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

Orbital Witness Logo

Orbital Witness is a LegalTech/PropTech company who are developing technology to provide an immediate initial assessment of legal issues on any transaction involving land and property. They were initially part of Mishcon's MDR Lab and HM Land Registry's Geovation  programmes back in 2017 and have had explosive growth over the past couple of years. They are now helping accelerate due diligence across many of London's leading law firms and insurance companies.

Data labelling by paralegals, supervised by a lawyer

Orbital Witness approached F-LEX as they needed some help to create vast training datasets from HM Land Registry documents for their machine learning technology team to work on. F-LEX thought the best solution would be to let a group of handpicked paralegals do the first rounds of 'data labelling' and then introduce an experienced real estate lawyer to supervise the project and check the paralegals' work. This would ensure costs were kept down and there would be the guarantee that the work would be done to a high-quality level. 

Paralegal and lawyers working together remotely

F-LEX provided a virtual team in 2 sessions lasting several months, with one lawyer and five paralegals in total. Having a remote team doing the work caused no issues - and it was a great way to see how F-LEX may continue to help us after Covid-19 as having a remote team can ensure costs are kept down for clients and work can be done from anywhere in the U.K (or world!)

The project was a great success. The work the F-LEX team delivered was excellent and we’re about to roll out new product features with the results our data science team have worked on, I would be happy to instruct them again when more work arises.
— Ed, the co-founder of Orbital Witness

Thanks Ed and we wish the team at Orbital Witness all the best with their growth, we will be watching and cheering them on!