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April 24 2020

Helping flexy with cost effective contract reviews

Case Studies

Mary Bonsor

Mary Bonsor

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flexy is a new app designed to help you manage, discover and switch between subscriptions on the go. It is at a very exciting stage and about to launch it’s MVP. You can register with flexy here for early access!

flexy (not to be confused with F-LEX) was recommended to speak to F-LEX as they needed some help with reviewing 50-100 contracts of various subscription providers. They were cost sensitive as they are a start up and needed the review turned around fairly quickly.

F-LEX decided that the most cost effective solution would be to provide a paralegal to do the first review, to ensure costs were kept to a minimum, with a junior lawyer then reviewing the work and adding any comments. To kick things off, it was agreed that the paralegal would do 40 hours and the lawyer would do 20 hours.

This worked really well, and was a great opportunity for our paralegal, Stephanie, and our lawyer, Elise, to work together on a remote basis. Elise is actually based in Italy and it was great to see how our paralegals and lawyers could work together on a project without having ever met!

Mary Bonsor, CEO of F-LEX said “It was great to help a start up and provide a really cost effective solution which worked well for their needs. Often start ups can’t afford to go to a law firm and just need some pragmatic, sensible advice. I look forward to seeing how successful flexy will be, and am certainly going to sign up to it”.

Jame Cuss, CEO of flexy said: “From a client perspective, I highly recommend F-LEX; they’re responsive, knowledgable and super efficient. I recall 48 hours from an initial video call (set up within hours) to targeted paralegal profiles (delivered digitally), to full briefing and action. Top to bottom, F-LEX are a great team to work with too - Impressive!”