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November 10 2020

Flex Legal are partnering with Hyperscale Group Limited!

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James Bosson

James Bosson

Flex Legal logo above the Hyperscale Group Limited Logo

Flexible service powerhouses join forces to provide one-stop client shop

Hyperscale Group Limited offers a range of services in relation to innovation, technology, strategy, digital and operational excellence to law firms, in-house legal teams, start ups and IT departments.

Derek Southall, the founder of Hyperscale has spent nearly 25 years in a range of leading strategic roles for a top 50 global law firm, for most of this time as a Partner and Head of Strategic Development and subsequently as Head of Digital and Innovation. During this period Derek oversaw and helped drive growth from £27 mil TO to in excess of £425 mil TO as well as driving and supporting numerous mergers and international expansion to 18 offices in 10 countries.

Flex Legal has often played a pivotal part in operational efficiency by providing lawyers and paralegals on an interim basis, ensuring firms and companies can keep their fixed headcount down but ensure they can scale up quickly when there are peaks of work.

Flex Legal and Hyperscale Group both have very similar goals and values, to provide innovative solutions to their clients in a positive and human way. Both companies have built up over several years, and have been referring work to each other all the while. They are now delighted to be partnering to provide their clients with a great all round service.

Mary Bonsor, CEO of Flex Legal said “We have worked with Derek for a few years and he is incredibly well respected and well known in the legal industry. Offering his services to our clients will be hugely beneficial as they get to use his wealth of knowledge and experience. The legal industry is changing at such pace and it is often a bit of a minefield to know what the best solution would be which is where Derek can offer extreme value.

Derek Southall, CEO of Hyperscale Group Limited said “Flex Legal are a superb, truly innovative business – they are high quality trailblazers. When delivering projects or advising clients they often need to access the best talent as well as put in place new delivery models to deal with peaks in demand. For some years we have been collaborating with Flex Legal for the good of clients and so we are delighted to now be partnering. Working together more will be a win win for everyone - especially our clients