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July 25 2019

Diversity in Law: The Quick-fire View

Industry Insights

Harry Coates

Harry Coates

Diversity in Law: The Quick-fire View

This month we were able to sit down with Chris White Founder of the UK’s leading legal diversity platform, Aspiring Solicitors to tackle the topic of Diversity. In a month where we have celebrated difference and inclusivity we wanted to explore a topic that is hot on the lips of every law firm in town! We asked Chris some quick fire questions on the topic.


Here are his responses:


What does the term Diversity mean to you?




Why is Diversity important?


Diversity in the legal profession ensures we create and consider different views and perspectives on advice and guidance to clients which consequently ensure the best services is provided/delivered. 


Historically law has been seen as the domain of white middle aged men. Is this still the case? 


No!  Thankfully, the profession has woken up to the fact that fishing in a pond instead of an ocean is not positive for clients and/or the profession as a whole.  In the last 5 years Aspiring Solicitors alone have assisted our members who are BAME, socially mobile, LGBT+ and/or disabled to secure 2000+ vacation schemes and training contracts.  In 2019 (so far) we’ve helped over 400 members secure vacation schemes and over 110 secure training contracts! 


What are law firms and the SRA doing to encourage Diversity?


Working with Aspiring Solicitors and other diversity platforms to take D&I seriously! 


How do they ensure that people feel comfortable no matter their background? 


There is a lot of work to do on the inclusion side of “diversity and inclusion” and this is the next thing Aspiring Solicitors are working on, so watch this space…!