The legal industry through the eyes of tomorrow's solicitors

Future Lawyers Report 2023/24

The legal industry is changing. A new generation of legal professionals are sweeping into the corridors of law firms and the seats of in-house legal teams. But who is this new generation? How are they engaging with the expected norms of the legal world? How does the generational divide impact their approach to work?
Our latest report analyses exactly that. Built on new data gathered from hundreds of aspiring and training solicitors, and with contributions from industry leaders O Shaped and Wealthbrite, the Future Lawyers Report 2023/24 offers the clearest insights thus far into the mindsets and values of tomorrow’s lawyers. The report is available in full, right now, entirely for free. Just enter your details below to receive a copy via email.

What's included in the report?

Future Lawyers Report 2023/24
  • Insights from over 600 junior legal professionals.
  • The legal industry through the eyes of tomorrow's solicitors.
  • What does 2023 look like in the legal profession?
  • Sharing is caring: the importance of compatible values.
  • How long do juniors want to stay in the same job?
  • What encourages junior lawyers to stay?
  • How do junior lawyers feel about their work/life balance?
  • Supporting and retaining junior lawyers: so what’s next for the profession?